Monday, December 10, 2007

For Parents

A tired father came home late one night... and in the door was his young 5 year old son waiting to greet him, the young boy had a deep look and serious look on his face. The father asked..".Something wrong son"?, the little boy looked perplexed and walked away with his head hanging down. The father couldn't get over his sons actions and asked his son again "if anything was bothering him". The little boy looked up at his father and said " Dad, how much do you make an hour? The father looked at him and said
" son that's really not any of your business and you should not ask that kind of question". The little boy said " I just want to know ,please tell me, how much do you make an hour? The father was getting a little irritated, and said O.K. if you must know I make $50.00 per hour, "OH" the little boy said with his head down. then he asked "Daddy can I barrow $ 25.00."? The father got upset them, "if the only reason you asked is so you can borrow some money to buy silly toys or some other nonsense, then you can march straight up to your room and go to bed." The little fella hung his head and went up to bed. After about 1/2 hour of fuming about what his son had done, he decided to go up and ask his son why he wanted all that money, he had never asked for money before. He walked into his sons room and asked " son are you asleep"? The little boy looked up with tears in his eyes " No Daddy" The Dad said "I've been thinking and I would like to know why you asked for all that money?"the son said will Daddy I have $ 25.00 saved and showed his father the money he had under his pillow, the father got angerer.
" You already have the $ 25.00 and you asked me for some more! Shame on you". With tears rolling down his little face he said " No Daddy I just want to buy an hour of your time".... " Please come home early tomorrow I'd like to have dinner with you" I know it's a cute story but has so much truth. With our busy schedules and excuses we don't think about what means most to our children. please stop and Think, if your don't your child will miss the best of his youth, they don't need any more toys etc. They need YOU !!!!! And the money your making will never make up for the loss !1

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Information - Artists


We will be adding to this blog information regarding the art world, tidbits of news and we will feature various artists. The mission statement of Daniel's art and education program is to
promote art and to help young artists. The majority of artists featured will be student artists. From time to time, we
may have professional artists featured.
Today's artist is AYESHA ALLICOCK who
is from Guyana. She is studying art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Ayesha was a very good friend of Daniel. I predict that we will all be hearing about Ayesha in the furture. The picture is of TIM who also was one of Daniel's good friends. This is not a photo! It is a painting. Great art!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Daniels Inspiration

It has been awhile since I've made a post. Been really busy with Dans scholarship
Fund. I will bring you up to date on the progress that we are making. Would really like to
request that you strongly consider a contribution, In doing your taxes, many times it makes sense to make a donation to a charity other than give the money to our wasteful Government. At least you know the 100% of your donation goes where you want it to go!

We still haven't heard any information from the Academy, on if they will be offering a Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship or not, doesn't look like it! It's a shame because Daniel really liked the Academy and this years graduating class, Daniel would have been receiving his BFA Degree, But in my mind he had earned it by his tremendous effort he put forward and the beautiful way he lived his life.

On to the progress of Daniels Scholarship Fund. We have received some nice
donations, although were about a third of our goal, but as my wife keeps reminding me . "It has been only a few months" and that's something I must remind myself often

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, Daniels Scholarship Fund was accepted by
the Cache Education Foundation. In meeting with the art teachers, it was recommended that
a Total Art program be initiated. With the tight school budgets, Art education classes are being cut because of the emphasis on strengthening math & sciences. I do believe in expanding our
math & sciences , but not at the expense of our Art education. During that meeting the
The Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education Program was born. the program s mission is to
strengthen Art education, it is a multi faceted program and will attempt to provide a brief overview. It will help with much needed art supplies, sponsor field trips to galleries and museums to encourage art appreciation. Encourage visiting Artists to impart artistic technique
as will as art appreciation. Sponsor art clubs and other meaningful ventures to help the interested student understand various art mediums and information regarding a career in the Arts. the art teacher working in concert with the school counselors help identify those art
students that are " at-risk of not graduating are falling short academically or socially in meeting college/university acceptance criteria, buy offering individual corrective measures through tutors/mentors. Provide scholarships to disadvantaged students whom posses a talent & interest in pursuing an higher Degree in a career in the Arts. This program will be a success because of your help. If you wish to contribute to the Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education Program please visit www. Also Daniels site Thank You for taking the time to read this blog!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


This picture was one of Daniel's first
computer generated pictures. I have this as our screen saver. As previously mentioned, Dan had a great appreciation for art and he would go to the galleries around San Francisco and view and analyze works of art. Recently, I ran across a couple of extra credit assignments for one of his art appreciation classes. Both were his critique of two paintings of artists in the 20th Century period. The first was
about the artist Maxfield Parrish's
Idiot. Maxfield Parrish did many of the covers for the Collier's Weekly
Magazine. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. Parrish's works, I recommend that you do a little research about this famous painter and look up the Idiot painting. I'll return to the Idiot in a moment. Daniel's second critique was the Mirror by George Tooker. I also recommend research on the Mirror. Daniel's critique of the Idiot was very insightful for he felt that the title of the Idiot did not fit the painting, as the painting is of a man dressed in different cloths and is reading a book. Dan's reading of the picture was of a man, maybe even a genius, because he had found something so simple yet it makes him happy. This in consideration of the fastest period in technologically with the introduction of the airplane, automobile and with WWI in the near future, maybe society should let go of technology, politics, religion and just read a book. "Nobody has ever been killed by a book." Dan disliked violence, one year later to the month, Daniel was shot and killed while listening to Music on his way to class at the University.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Artist Quote

This is a picture of Dan on his way to or from his
Art class at the University. Here he is in the lobby of the Hotel Triton saying "Hi" to his friends at work.
I had a couple of interesting discussions with people
regarding Daniel's quote, "My inspiration is Art....
Because with out Art we would just be stuck with reality." Someone told me the other day that the quote didn't make sense. Then I had another discussion with an Art teacher and she had the same
appreciation for it that I have. Being Daniel's Dad,
I'm very proud of this quote and anyone that knew Dan would know its relevance.
Art is imagination, creativity, and a dedication that many of us who are not artists have no appreciation of. Most of us think that Art is a picture someone
drew. Some we like others don't do anything for us.
If you'd had the opportunity to sit down with Dan,
you would have come away with a different appreciation of the picture, the Artist and much more. I was at an art gallery in San Francisco
and Dan was looking at a piece of Art, studying it hard, I said to him that the picture "didn't
do anything for me." He said, " Dad, look at that picture....." and he explained what the Artist
was saying, he told me all about the artist and the picture's content. All of a sudden, I saw the picture in a new wonderful light, and I truly enjoyed it! In our life we see Art everywhere, the
the architect, the landscaper, colors on building, paintings, sculptures. Without Art, opera, orchestras, we would be stuck with our every day routine (reality) without any pleasure or enjoyment. Think about life with cold block gray buildings, no landscaping, just block & concrete. etc. Most of us take this beauty for granted, and don't give it a second thought. Without Art we would just be stuck with our everyday reality. The Artist gives us inspiration and more. Our schools must provide our students with this appreciation of the Arts and the students will be better citizens for it. Remember the next time you get bored with your daily routine, think about art and all the pleasure it brings. Please think of Daniel's quote,
"My inspiration is ART.....Because without ART we would just be stuck with reality," no beauty, no color, we would just exist... in our own reality.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

An Awesome Time

This was one happy time for Dan.
He just met his first milestone goal.
As a gift from his parents, Dan had the thrill of flying in the World War II
WARBIRD plane. He and the instructor went up and did fighter maneuvers along with some acrobatics. The instructor even let
Dan take over the controls for a few minutes. This gift was for Dan's obtaining his first milestone of getting his AA Degree in Animation. Dan felt he was on his way and was at the half way point toward his BFA Degree in Computer Animation. Shortly after this period Dan's life changed dramatically.

While leaving the Taco Bell after having lunch, a big SUV van came accelerating out of a parking lot and hit Dan's car in the right front section of his 1971 Chevy Nova. Dan ended up in the hospital for sometime with head injuries. The sad thing about this incident was that Dan had been so excited about his schooling and that he was past the mid point of his education. Dan was out of schooling for three months, so that meant he could not graduate with his class. Because of the accident, Dan's prized Chevy Nova was totaled! He and a friend had worked over a year rebuilding on that car. It was Dan's first car, a beautiful classic. All of this caused to Dan became very depressed. At this point, Dan was seriously thinking about dropping out of college altogether. But, his desire and love of art and his chosen occupation field was paramount, so he decided to transfer to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. There he found a second home had many good friends and was doing well in his schooling. He told his parents that his move to San Francisco was one of his best choices and his dream goal was VERY close.

With Daniel's Scholarship Program, I know Dan would be very proud to be helping other students obtain their dream! Dan's website is going to be updated with a new Newsletter about what is happening in the arts field. And, this is a way to communicate with Dan's friends and website visitors. So, please come back to visit from time to time.

by Mary Fisher.

All size contributions are welcome and will help in assuring Daniel's legacy.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I have had requests to include a picture of Daniel other than his pictures of when he was a young.
I did not realize that I had done that, I was thinking that Daniels website included many of him as he was in his grown up years. So here is one that I'd feature on his web-page that pretty will shows Daniels personality.
That smile you see along with his wit was his trademark.
Dan loved the Simpson t.v. programs, when his day didn't go so well and he was down in spirits, when the Simpson's came on, He was back to the Daniel you see here. He would have loved to have been able to see the new movie. With his studies in computer animation
it would have met so much more to him.
This is the picture of Dan! And I'll share with you others in the future.
Daniel Scholarship Fund is up and running. Thank you for your interest and sharing some of Daniels memories with me. Robert Lynch.. Dans proud Father.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Daniel's Scholarship Program

Hello All, for those of you that are reading these posts and are interested in progress of The Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program, I'll bring you up to date. Originally we had hoped to establish the Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program with-in the Academy of Art University. At first things looked promising, but because the Academy is a private University they did not qualify for 501(c) 3 IRS Tax exemption status. That situation eliminated the possibility for any donations to Daniels Fund. We are attempting to have the Academy name one of their in-house Scholarships in Daniel Honor & Memory. Will keep you up to date on how that proceeds.
As of now The Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program is being offered through the Cache Education Foundation and is set up as a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt contribution and is for disadvantaged students to pursue their education & love in the Arts. Recently an art teacher told me that many of her students past ,present, and in the future will never have a chance to go to college because their families "are poor as church mice" and will never go to college with out a scholarship! ( This is the situation in every community in America today) Because of the cost of a college education these days only the" well to do," or a student or their family get in dept for thousands of dollars. If your family is" poor as church mice" they cannot qualify for a student loan to pursue their education in the Arts. I would like to request from any of you who are reading this to consider a contribution no matter how small. Any and all contributions large or small are more than welcome. Some of you may know of a company that contributes each year for tax reasons, would really appreciate it if you could pass along the word about Daniel Scholarship Program. Our Goal is modest, for Daniels Scholarship Program to become
perpetual we are shooting for $ 55,000 by next March. We have had some contributions and we have $1,400 toward the $ 55,000 goal. It is very gratifying to receive a donation no matter how small ,it's the thought that counts andit is slowly inching toward our Goal. This week we received a $1,000 dollar check from Mr. Sullivan, what a generous gift and really helps toward in meeting our Goal. Thank You Mr. Sullivan! All this may sound trivial to some of you, but if you knew Daniel, and the way he lived his life, you'd understand. He never had enemies and liked everyone, with his big Grin. He deserves to be remembered as he lived, he was the type of individual to give you the shirt off his back if you needed it .And he does not deserve to be just a statistic in the city of Oakland.
Thank you, Daniels father. Please visit Daniel website. Information is noted on the site how to contribute. Than You for reading all this!

Friday, July 13, 2007

The story just published about Daniel's Pond somehow I made a boo boo and the picture on the right was covered by Dan's pond. Anyway those of you following Daniel's story deserve to have the complete picture, so here are a couple more pictures of Dan and one of his fishing buddies and their "catch". This post is an afterthought because of the goof on Dan's picture so if you will allow me, I'll continue with another vignette about Daniel and the farm life. We had a BIG Charlotte Bull that ruled the ranch. He was very aloof as most bulls are unless you caught his attention and it didn't please him. Daniel was the only person on this earth that he would warm up to. When Dan came to the fence he would walk over to Dan and let him stroke his nose, anyone else came around the fence he would ignore them. It was a very strange bond between Dan and the Bull. The Bulls name? I can't remember, one of these days it'll come to me. We all would get a big kick about Dan and "his" Bull. The farm has many wonderful memories, that hopefully some day I'll recount.

Thanks for listening...

Danny's Pond

This was Daniel's pond on the family ranch. Dan would daily fish the pond and some days would catch 5-7 bass. The pond was over 70 years old and had many size bass. One afternoon Dan was fishing and snagged a " Big " one, he fought and fought to bring it into his dock, but his pole was bending almost in two. He yelled for his dad's help. His dad was on the tractor and couldn't hear him calling. Finally, the fish broke loose and Dan's heart sank. He ran up to his Dad and excitedly told him about the fish! Dad got down from the tractor and sure enough the line was broken. Daniel called the fish "Killer " and everyday he would go to his pond and take his fishing pole and fish for "Killer." The fish in the above picture is NOT "killer" that was a common size bass he usually caught. We'd like to say that they were Killer's babies!
After awhile, Dan started a catch and release fishing style and later in life Dan said he was very glad that he hadn't caught Killer because if he lived that long and was the King of the pond he deserved to live and not be caught.

Later in Daniel's life he became very fond and protective of wild life and wanted to protect all wildlife. He believed that just hunting for the sport of it just didn't make sense. If you or your family needed food, then that was acceptable. Daniel loved his pond and the farm as did the family and we all wished that we would have stayed on the farm and lived the good, hard, way of life that a farm requires. Dan liked San Francisco, but the farm was his love.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Dan's personality

Watch out Big Brother !

One of Dan's personality traits was his ability to enjoy life... He was a very lay-back type of person who never raised his voice, his temperament was calm, his demeanor was always in control. He loved to tease his friends, always playing jokes or tricks. Dan's wit and smile were his trademark. Dan had an ability to think outside the box. Many times in a discussion about a subject, he would bring out a logic that was astounding and would greatly add to the overall topic. Another of Dan's traits was to not let discussions get into arguments. He would let you have your point of view, he would consider all sides and come to his own conclusion, usually it was the correct one.

In all of Daniel's short 24 years, I never saw him mad. Sure, he would get upset, but I never heard him raise his voice in anger, he was always in control. He truly had no prejudices. Dan had the uncommon ability to look at the inner person, not their nationality, social status, physical looks or appearance, but at the real person. He had a dislike for the phony, braggarts or the bully, he could read the real person, it was uncanny. The irony of Daniel's death was that he was attacked and killed by an illegal alien and Dan would have been the first person to be able to see and feel their plight.

By Daniel's smile you would know him.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

On of Lifes lessons

I'm about 4 years old in this picture. That's my fort my Dad and I just built. I can look down in the valley below and no body can see me! This is my own special place.

Years later when I was in class in my grammar school I had an experience that helped shape some of my attitude about "acting before you think."

I had a ketchup bottle, not a real one but one that looked like a ketchup bottle but was plastic and had a string coming out of the top, you know, the kind you find at a hotdog stand! At parties and with friends I'd have this ketchup bottle and pretend to squirt the ketchup out of the bottle on a friend. It was only the red string that came out of the bottle. We'd laugh and laugh and had more fun with that! One day I took my ketchup bottle to school. The teacher was late so we were all talking and having a good time and I took out my ketchup bottle and squeezed it on a girl. She screamed and then realized that it wasn't real and we all laughed. The teacher rushed in and saw the ketchup bottle and demanded
that I bring it up to him! He told me that he would keep the bottle until the end of the year. Why did he do that? All he had to do was tell me to put it away. That experience had a lasting impression on me. I didn't have the bottle anymore to have fun with my friends. As I grew older I would see people fly off the handle and accuse people of doing this or that. I learned to "think before I act."

At the HotelTriton, their was a mistake(human) on a customer's bill. The customer would immediatly accuse the hotel of cheating, when all they had to do was point out the mistake and a simple correction could have been made and all would be normal. Many times I witnessed similar situations where if someone had just calmly asked or inquired about a situation everything would be fine. To all my friends reading this, don't jump to conclusions. Life and friend are precious, slow down, enjoy life!

Monday, June 25, 2007

King Triton

The story behind this picture drawn by Daniel Lynch is interesting.
While studying at the Academy of Art University, Daniel worked nights and weekends at the Hotel Triton in San Francisco. ( Daniel really liked working at the Triton as it has many suites designed by famous artist and entertainers. For you who want to rub elbows with the stars, the Triton is the place. Daniel worked as a Guest Representative and liked the staff at the hotel very much. It was a fun place to work. Daniel loved art so much and the hotels decore theme being that of the Arts fit his personality.
In the lobby is a sketch book that is for the guests to comment, draw pictures or whatever about their stay. In the guest book Daniel drew the picture featured above, King Triton of the Sea, in the book and entered his quote "Art is my inspiration...Because without Art we would just be stuck with reality."

One problem with writing in a blog, you don't know if any body is reading your writings. Hope someone is enjoying these vinettes about Daniel. If some of you would like to know more about Daniel, please go to Thank you for your interest in hearing about Daniel and his journey. In the next issue I'll offer some more tales about Daniel.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Daniels Story

This is about a young boy who discovered the wonderful world of Art when he was eight years old. Danny lived on a farm in Missouri and loved all the animals; the cows the deer, the turkeys, but one little critter really caught his fancy. A fox had a den in one of the ledge cliffs and Dan would watch the mommy fox go in and out of her den. One day, Dan was looking at the local newspaper and there was an announcement that a local Missouri artist was going to have a showing. In the article was a beautiful painting of a fox, it was a picture of "his" fox on his farm. He wanted to go and see that picture. The gallery was about an hour from the farm. The family packed up and made the journey. Into the small gallery he ran and there was the picture of "his" fox.

Looking around the gallery at all the wildlife pictures brought a smile on his face. The artist, Mr. Al Agnew, talked with Dan and answered his questions. Dan asked his Mom and Dad if he could buy the picture of "his" fox. Daniel purchased the artist proof of "his" fox and Mr. Agnew signed the picture on the back and wrote that in doing anything worthwhile requires much practice if you want to successful at what you are doing. Danny was all smiles and that experience and picture literally changed his life.

Many years later, found in his school papers was an assignment that Dan had written. The form type questionnaire asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Danny's answer was, "An artist and a good golfer like my big brother." From that time on, Dan drew and drew, his talent was questionable at times, but he never lost his love of drawing.

Thank you for visiting Daniel's story. Hope you come back to Daniel's "Rest of the Story."