Monday, November 5, 2012

Daniel remembered

I'vr been thinking about Daniel a lot lately. And would like for you visitors to learn and know something
about this remarkable young Artist. I'm not able to understand or accept Daniel's life being taken from
him with the sincere and honest person he was and the world full of people who just want to take from
others, kill, steal and have no concern about their fellow man. Daniel was such a " giving " person and
was the type of person who understood that to reach your goal it took hard wook and dedication. He
missed quite a lot of activities that other people enjoy because he knew that when his goal "dream" was
met he could do those activities then. Reaching his "dream" was the most important thing to him. He
worked harder than 95% of people to reach his "dream" and to have his life taken by someone he
didn't even know and by a "mistake"  and a act of  Violence is unacceptable.

The one positive thing out of this terable tragity is The Daniel Robert Lynch (DRL) Art Education and
Scholarship Program in his honor and memory. This wonderful program is such a belessing in Daniel's
Legacy.For those of you that this is the first knowledge of Daniel's DRL Art Program please take a
moment and visit the Cache Education Foundation ( Art Program ) that Daniel's
 DRL program is with-in . The Cache Education Foundation is such a "giving" organization, not just
in Art but in every subject with-in the school system.

I realize this is a Dad speaking, and all fathers have a great opinion of there sons or daughters.
To let you see and understand the deepness of Daniel's charater  I'm going to let you read a paper
that Daniel did for a High School project. Those of you who have read "Daniel's Dream " know the
story. Daniel's class was iven an assignment to write about some thing they owned that would tell
the most about them !  Below is Daniel's paper he turned in.

My Class Assignment

When I heard of this assignment I looked all around my house at everything I own for something I own that says the most about me, I could find things that I liked, such as posters, souvenirs from places I've been, or
my car. I could explain why I liked these things. I liked my car because it's fast and fun to drive. I like this particular action figure because I like the Simpsons.  But the more I look , the more I realized that in a
hundred years I don't want to br remembered by the material possessions I owned. I think that if yiu can
be summed up by a physical item,  then it doesn't say anything good about you. It says you've dedicated your life to something frivolous.

I feel you should be remembered for what you did. You should be remembered for how you change the
world, such as George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, and Joseph Stalin. these people were remembered for what they created, the people they helped or the brutal way they oppressed a nation. You can't describe who these people were with some meaningless item. They probably owned something that said something
about them, but what they are know for is what they did. So in one hundred years I want to be remembered
the same way, not by my house or car. but by my actions. That being said the truth is I could not think of one single thing to write about that could fill up more than a paragraph,  so I came up with this ridiculous

Daniel R. Lynch

This "classic" writing assignment tells a lot about Daniel. One thing Daniel had was the ability to think
"out side the box" Even when Daniel was in geammer school he many times would present a diferent
view that I had never even thought about and his view made perfect sense.

So The DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program fits so well for Daniel's Legacy.
" So in one hundred years I want to be remembered for what I did !  Daniel didn't have the chance to
to  judged on "What he did "  but his Legacy will  be remembered for the way he live during his short
 life and what his DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program is doing for Art Education, his Love and Dream.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reality Question

I've been receiving many replys to Daniel's Art quote. About  1/3 to 1/4 feel that it doesn't relate to
reality. I've been doing research about tje meaning of reality. And I must confess, there all very
different thoughts about what is reality. What is your opinion ?  Basically "What is ,IS" is that reality?

I never gave it much thought, but now I'm very interested in other's opinon's My thinking is that reality
in it's basic form is the Way thing are , Both positive and negitive. I believe Daniel's saw it as life in it's
basics. I remember when he had a down day, Just watching the Simpsons his day brightened. On a
basic level just viewing a cartoon can make a difference at that moment ( reality ) seem changed to
the better. That's about as basic as you can get. But ART, creative minds can change reality both
for the Good or bad.

Do I have the right opinion or not. Daniel's Quote " My inspiration is ART...... because without art
we would just be stuck with reality " fit's with-in my opinion. I've received a few   opinions that
put down Daniel's quote in a very negative way. And I can't understand why people just take there
personal view and live with it.  Daniel was NOT an authority on reality, nor was his quote the
approved definition for "Realiy".

For those who read this I'd be very interested in your view of what reality is. I'm some what impressed
that so many people are feeling that Dans opinion is the authority on the subject. The world is made up
of various opinions on ALL subjects. Received comment's that those who appreciate Daniel's quote,
just don't understnd basics. And if the rating on Daniel's quote on means any thing then that say's something  Author (Daniel Robert Lynch ) has had 109 votes in this short period and with a rating system  between 0-----10   His quote has a 9.22 rating out of 10 so many believe it's a Superior quotation. The average runs between 5-7 for Good quotations.

If some one just belives that ART is just pictures then I can see the responses I've received ,but many
have been by very well educated smart people, so I'm scratching my head. I know it doesn't make any
difference ,but as Daniel's Father, it does propose a question.  As I've allways just considered it just a
'quote'. Then it has ben discovered and now it's a large question to his Father. I'm wondering why it
has hit such a nerve.  But I think Daniel would be smiling knowing that his quote has so many opinions.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Welcome to this post. Daniel's DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program is in it's sixth year and has
been very successful in helping Art Education by providing teacher grants for special projects, equipment
and supplies which are not covered by the school budgets. Those who follow this blog realize the serious concern for Art Education today and in a few years, most minor subjects, i.e. music, performing arts,
sports and other subjects and activities that don't  meet the CORE SUBJECTS such as math, reading, science, etc. will not have funds in the school budgets to support these EXTRA activities. Some of you feel that this makes a  lot of sense because many of these subjects are not needed in today's society for a student to get a good education. On the surface that may seem reasonable, like I've noted before, children drawing
pictures doesn't fit within a good education requirement. However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

I know that many of you have read "Danial's Dream" where I've gone into depth about this subject. But those who are visiting this site for the first time need to know that many of these so called unnecessary  minor subjects are extremely important for a well rounded and balanced education.

Here I am getting deep into education when this blog  is about the DRL Art Education and Scholarship
Program fundraiser. For those of you who have a moment, please visit the referenced websites listed below, they are safe and secure.

The Cache Education Foundation (ART PROGRAM)

Daniel's website

The DRL fundraiser website (enter DRL ART PROGRAM where asked
for Fundraiser)

Please consider a donation of even $5.00 or $10.00 which will help to keep this amazing program functioning.  ALL donations add up.  Also please inform your friends about this wonderful Art Program.
I can't say enough about the very dedicated Art Committee that is 100% volunteer and is doing such a great job.

The DRL Art Program is 100% funded by private donations and every cent received goes to the
program. The committee is working so hard for the love of Art Education and our future Artists. 

Thank you!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Al Agnew Art

This is an additional post about an artist that has supported Daniel's DRL Art Education and Scholarship
Program. Factually, Mr. Al Agnew was the initial inspiration to Daniel for becoming an artist. When
Daniel was in grammar school one of his subjests was to draw and Dan would draw at home.  It was nothing special, like every kid draws, but he just liked to draw. He had a chance to go to an art gallery that was featuring a young artist, Al Agnew.  That experience changed Daniel's life.  Daniel fell in love with one of Al Agnew's pictures of a fox in the woods.  Daniel talked his mom and dad into buying the beautiful drawing.  Mr. Agnew took the time to talk with Daniel, not just a few seconds but a very meaningful one, and on the back of the picture, an artist's proof) Al wrote a message to Daniel that followed him through the rest of his life.  He said that anythig in life worth doing is worth doing the best you can and that Daniel should practice his art just like practicing basketball.  To be the best will take extremely dedicated effort.

The one great quality that Daniel possesed was his dedication to study hard and be the best he could be. He played baseball and he wasn't the best player but he was one that tried the hardest worker on his team and his coach could see the extra effort Daniel put out and in the final championship all Daniel's hard work paid off.  For those of you who have read "Daniel's Dream" know the story, so I won't go into it here. Daniel's life changed after meeting Al Agnew.

Small unplanned things can make a huge difference in a young person's life. As a young grammar school
student through his whole life Daniel was one who understood that to be a success it took effort. And
during his time at the University, Daniel worked harder at his studies and work than anyone could
imagine.  He was going to be a Computer Animator.  He chose that field because he loved the Simpsons cartoon series on television.  No matter what kind of day he was having, after watching the Simpsons, he was very happy and he wanted to be in a field where he would enjoy it and he loved art and was very good at computers, so he decided that animation would fit his vocation the best.  As Daniel's father, I know he would have been a super star in his chosen feild. Al Agnew was the inspiration for Daniel's lifes quality.

The one major hurt in my life is the type of person Daniel was and a gang member shot and killed Daniel because he thought Daniel was someone else. If Daniel would have lived, he would have been a leader for all who followed him and I know that that meeting with Al Agnew had a huge impact on Daniel's quality of life.

Please do me, yourself, and yes Daniel a favor and visit Mr. Agnew's website and art gallery. His art is beautiful!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Impressive Artists

This post is to alert you readers about some very sincere artists. Their art speaks for itself, but what these artist have shown is their personal side.
First let me tell you about artist Don Gray, Don has the special ability to do a painting almost every day. The days he doesn't are when he is doing large complicated projects like painting murals. Don has helped support DansInspiration and Daniel's Dream. I can't talk enough about people helping this wonderful art program. Please visit Don's website and if you are able thank him for his wonderful support.

The second artist is Sue Harrell, Sue is another artist who tries to paint one picture every day! Her art is amazing. Sue was one of the original people who donated to help Daniel's art program become a reality. She had no way of knowing that this wonderful program would succeed, but she had enough belief to help this program get started. Please visit Sue's BLOG and tell her thank you for all her support.

The third artist I'd like to present is Celeste Reyes,
Celeste has entered Daniel's art quote on her web page, “My inspiration is ART. . . .
because without art we would just be stuck with reality” By Daniel R. Lynch. That gesture is a special tribute to Daniel and has made his father very appreciative.

Another artist is Todd Marinovitch, Todd also entered Daniel's quotation on his website and that means so much to me. Todd's art is sports related. Many are famous athletes. So please check out his website and witness his impressive art.

Finally, the Stirling Art Studios and Gallery, has also included Daniel's art quote on their website, for which I am very appreciative.

The Daniel Robert Lynch (DRL) Art Education and Scholarship Program is very appreciative of these artists for their wonderful support, helping to keep Daniel's legacy alive and supporting art education.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art on the LAWN Activity

One of the purposes of this blog was to inform you the reader about other art programs and artists. I've
been just noting information about the DansInspiration .com subject, but will now start to note other art subjects.

This post is about an interesting activity that is a very successful event every year:  ART ON THE LAWN,
held in Logan, Utah. This year the ART ON THE LAWN event will be held on JUNE 30, 2012.
For those of you artists and others that like Art Galleries, you will be amazed with this very unique concept.
ART ON THE LAWN goes beyond just viewing art placed on a wall, but gives you the opportunity to see  the artists and other activities within the art medium, such as, pottery, crafts, an art auction and many other activities that time and space just limits noting. The ART ON THE LAWN is well attending for an all encompasing day of ART.

For details, please visit and plan a very wonderful, interesting and
informative art activity. You can spend as much time as you wish, one hour or one whole day, with a
wonerful art experience. There is food and entertainment available.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Daniel's Art Quote acceptance

The last post was about Daniel's Art quote, and I know that a repeat on a subject is not good!
But I've been getting a lot of feedback about Daniel's quotation and it is really impressing me.
As I noted earlier I always thought the quote to be just a quote. But after it has been out there
over 5 years it's becomming very popular, And it's some thing I just can't set by and be silent !

One thing that people are saying is that to a non -artist (like me) it would sound "glib or off
the cuff" but to an artisst , they understand that true art is not just pictures, but design of
buikdings, landscaping, the abillty that GOD gave man to help " reality " be more acceptable,
pleasing. Art is not just art pictures, but just think what a wall with real wonderful pictures
does for the plain walls in a building or a house. So after so many years of seeing just a "quote"
I know see Daniel's wisdom on the subject. Daniel was a very deep thinker and as a child
would teach me his Father to see things in a very different way than I had ever looked before.

The artist noted that Daniel's quotation is being noted on most quote sites. And the site which has it's viewers rate the quotes. Has had over 70 "HITS"
and is in the high 8's % rating ( ratings rated between 0---10 %) and with Daniel's quote
with such a HIGH rating confirms his feelings! And I agree.

If you know someone in the Art field, art gallery, Office or den, or even on a Web-site request
that they display Daniel's Quotation where their Customers can view it. That would please
Daniel's Father so much.

Daniel's DRL Art Education & Scholarship Program is
doing a great job for Art Education, the artist agreed that in the future Art Education will
require help from private individuls above that funded by our schools and the Communities
that adopt a program similar to Daniel's DRL Art Pogram will be ready ! The Art
committe overseeing the DRL is an all volunteer committee that is making a BIG difference!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

ART Quotation Popularity

I have been receiving comments regarding Daniel's Quotation. I didn't think about it until
I received a note from a very WELL known artist. He noted his pleasure with Daniel's
DRL Art Education & Scholarship program and said he was very impressed with Daniel's quote

"MY inspiration is ART........because withour art we would just be stuck with reality "

BY, Daniel R. Lynch

He alerted me to Daniels quote has received over 70 HITS each quote is
rated by the viewer and the rating range is ( 0----10) % Daniel's rating was 8.0% he noted that
was exceptional for Art quotes. He said that in all his years in Art he had never seen or heard
a better quotation. Rhose words made a Father Proud. I received a comment from an Art
Professor He didn't think the quote mad any sense ! But I'll accept the Artists opinion. If you
agree with me and the Artist would you request that Daniel's Quotation be considerad posted
in an Art Gallery near you. I always just thought of it as just a quote. The artist suggested that
I make it my "Cause" to promote Daniel's quotation. That's what I'm doing now