Monday, September 26, 2016

Silent Art Auction

In a couple of months the DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program is having a Silent Art Auction fund-
raiser. The DRL is in it's 10th year and has provided 100's of Art teacher Grants and to-date 22 individual
scholarship to student artists to attend a college or university of their choice.

You interested artist viewing this post if you would like to make a art donation for the auction please send to
the Cache Education Foundation 595 S. Riverwoods Parkway, Logan, UT. 84321 Attn: Ms. Teri Lewis
Director. the Cache Education Foundation is 501 (C)3 approved and is doing amazing work for ALL subjects with in the school system

Please let fellow artists, Galleies et. know about his silent auction as the DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program is 100% funded by private donations and is over seen by a dedicated art committee, helping ART
Education !  Thank You

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Art On the Lawn

For all you viewers , winters over and now is the time to plan some trips this summer ! One place you must consider  is to visit The Art On the Lawn Saturday, June 25, 2016, in North Logan, Utah.

This day of fun and being close to artists is outstanding. Wonderful artists , painting and you can ask
them questions about what your seeing by the artist. NOT a gallery setting but allowing you visitors
an up close look and feeling not experienced in other  art settings.

Lucy, who puts this amazing outing on each year is a very well respected artist and help's support
artists and art education very strongly. For those of you who have never visited Logan Utah will
experience a wonderful artist community. With every thing you desire from great Hotels, restrauants
etc. I'll keep this entry short but strongly recommend your making an entry on your calendar ART
ON the LAWN  JUNE  25  2016 Logan Utah

To read more about this wonderful artist day. VISIT

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yosemite Waterfall and Daniel's Art quotation

This beautiful photograph of the Yosemite waterfall, located in one of the most spectacular places in the world, with
Daniel's famous art quotation at the bottom is for sale. Profit
received from this project will benefit the underprivileged
and art education. Daniel's art quotation is gaining attention around the world. This photograph can be purchased with or without framing in sizes from 8x10 and up, available from gloss prints through canvas and the cost is very reasonable.. The beautiful photograph is above average and would
be magnificent hanging in your den or office.  The quality of
this piece of art would be very impressive on the wall of an
art museum.
For those of you who knew Daniel, you would be very impressed that his art quotation has been discovered around the world. It should be noted that word was received from a world famous artist noting his acceptance and appreciation for Daniel's quotation.  This artist indicated that I would receive feedback from others that this quotation makes no sense, but he told me that if I did receive this type of feedback to pay no attention, as they are showing their ignorance about what true art is.  Art is commonly known as brush, paint, and canvas, but true art as implied by Daniel's quote is "creativity", and life without art (creativity) we would be stuck with just reality. True art in our society is man's ability to master creativity, a dancer, inventor, architect, singer, musician, etc. It was like he read my mind as I was receiving about 85% in favor and 15% against.  I never could understand why someone would take the effort to complain and just not discard.  If you would like to buy a copy of this beautiful piece of art, please visit