Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Artist Quote

This is a picture of Dan on his way to or from his
Art class at the University. Here he is in the lobby of the Hotel Triton saying "Hi" to his friends at work.
I had a couple of interesting discussions with people
regarding Daniel's quote, "My inspiration is Art....
Because with out Art we would just be stuck with reality." Someone told me the other day that the quote didn't make sense. Then I had another discussion with an Art teacher and she had the same
appreciation for it that I have. Being Daniel's Dad,
I'm very proud of this quote and anyone that knew Dan would know its relevance.
Art is imagination, creativity, and a dedication that many of us who are not artists have no appreciation of. Most of us think that Art is a picture someone
drew. Some we like others don't do anything for us.
If you'd had the opportunity to sit down with Dan,
you would have come away with a different appreciation of the picture, the Artist and much more. I was at an art gallery in San Francisco
and Dan was looking at a piece of Art, studying it hard, I said to him that the picture "didn't
do anything for me." He said, " Dad, look at that picture....." and he explained what the Artist
was saying, he told me all about the artist and the picture's content. All of a sudden, I saw the picture in a new wonderful light, and I truly enjoyed it! In our life we see Art everywhere, the
the architect, the landscaper, colors on building, paintings, sculptures. Without Art, opera, orchestras, we would be stuck with our every day routine (reality) without any pleasure or enjoyment. Think about life with cold block gray buildings, no landscaping, just block & concrete. etc. Most of us take this beauty for granted, and don't give it a second thought. Without Art we would just be stuck with our everyday reality. The Artist gives us inspiration and more. Our schools must provide our students with this appreciation of the Arts and the students will be better citizens for it. Remember the next time you get bored with your daily routine, think about art and all the pleasure it brings. Please think of Daniel's quote,
"My inspiration is ART.....Because without ART we would just be stuck with reality," no beauty, no color, we would just exist... in our own reality.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

An Awesome Time

This was one happy time for Dan.
He just met his first milestone goal.
As a gift from his parents, Dan had the thrill of flying in the World War II
WARBIRD plane. He and the instructor went up and did fighter maneuvers along with some acrobatics. The instructor even let
Dan take over the controls for a few minutes. This gift was for Dan's obtaining his first milestone of getting his AA Degree in Animation. Dan felt he was on his way and was at the half way point toward his BFA Degree in Computer Animation. Shortly after this period Dan's life changed dramatically.

While leaving the Taco Bell after having lunch, a big SUV van came accelerating out of a parking lot and hit Dan's car in the right front section of his 1971 Chevy Nova. Dan ended up in the hospital for sometime with head injuries. The sad thing about this incident was that Dan had been so excited about his schooling and that he was past the mid point of his education. Dan was out of schooling for three months, so that meant he could not graduate with his class. Because of the accident, Dan's prized Chevy Nova was totaled! He and a friend had worked over a year rebuilding on that car. It was Dan's first car, a beautiful classic. All of this caused to Dan became very depressed. At this point, Dan was seriously thinking about dropping out of college altogether. But, his desire and love of art and his chosen occupation field was paramount, so he decided to transfer to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. There he found a second home had many good friends and was doing well in his schooling. He told his parents that his move to San Francisco was one of his best choices and his dream goal was VERY close.

With Daniel's Scholarship Program, I know Dan would be very proud to be helping other students obtain their dream! Dan's website is going to be updated with a new Newsletter about what is happening in the arts field. And, this is a way to communicate with Dan's friends and website visitors. So, please come back to visit from time to time.

by Mary Fisher.

All size contributions are welcome and will help in assuring Daniel's legacy.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I have had requests to include a picture of Daniel other than his pictures of when he was a young.
I did not realize that I had done that, I was thinking that Daniels website included many of him as he was in his grown up years. So here is one that I'd feature on his web-page that pretty will shows Daniels personality.
That smile you see along with his wit was his trademark.
Dan loved the Simpson t.v. programs, when his day didn't go so well and he was down in spirits, when the Simpson's came on, He was back to the Daniel you see here. He would have loved to have been able to see the new movie. With his studies in computer animation
it would have met so much more to him.
This is the picture of Dan! And I'll share with you others in the future.
Daniel Scholarship Fund is up and running. Thank you for your interest and sharing some of Daniels memories with me. Robert Lynch.. Dans proud Father.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Daniel's Scholarship Program

Hello All, for those of you that are reading these posts and are interested in progress of The Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program, I'll bring you up to date. Originally we had hoped to establish the Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program with-in the Academy of Art University. At first things looked promising, but because the Academy is a private University they did not qualify for 501(c) 3 IRS Tax exemption status. That situation eliminated the possibility for any donations to Daniels Fund. We are attempting to have the Academy name one of their in-house Scholarships in Daniel Honor & Memory. Will keep you up to date on how that proceeds.
As of now The Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program is being offered through the Cache Education Foundation and is set up as a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt contribution and is for disadvantaged students to pursue their education & love in the Arts. Recently an art teacher told me that many of her students past ,present, and in the future will never have a chance to go to college because their families "are poor as church mice" and will never go to college with out a scholarship! ( This is the situation in every community in America today) Because of the cost of a college education these days only the" well to do," or a student or their family get in dept for thousands of dollars. If your family is" poor as church mice" they cannot qualify for a student loan to pursue their education in the Arts. I would like to request from any of you who are reading this to consider a contribution no matter how small. Any and all contributions large or small are more than welcome. Some of you may know of a company that contributes each year for tax reasons, would really appreciate it if you could pass along the word about Daniel Scholarship Program. Our Goal is modest, for Daniels Scholarship Program to become
perpetual we are shooting for $ 55,000 by next March. We have had some contributions and we have $1,400 toward the $ 55,000 goal. It is very gratifying to receive a donation no matter how small ,it's the thought that counts andit is slowly inching toward our Goal. This week we received a $1,000 dollar check from Mr. Sullivan, what a generous gift and really helps toward in meeting our Goal. Thank You Mr. Sullivan! All this may sound trivial to some of you, but if you knew Daniel, and the way he lived his life, you'd understand. He never had enemies and liked everyone, with his big Grin. He deserves to be remembered as he lived, he was the type of individual to give you the shirt off his back if you needed it .And he does not deserve to be just a statistic in the city of Oakland.
Thank you, Daniels father. Please visit Daniel website. Information is noted on the site how to contribute. Than You for reading all this!