Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Problems for future Art Education

Hello All, This Economy has really put a damper on donations to Daniel's Art Program. The DRL
is funded by 100% contributions and is governed by an all volunteer Art committee. The
Mission for this successful art program is to strengthen Art Education in our schools and provide scholarships to students who desire to pursue an Art career. As noted in the web that explains
about Daniel's Art program http://www.Dansinspiration.com
Art education is in serious danger . One danger that is on the way that people can't see coming.
Many years ago I was president of the Santa Barbara Golf Assoc. In those days young golfers
received a card as being in the SBJGA and this card allowed these young golfers to practice on the range and play golf for free. One day the Parks and Recreation Director called me in and said
that the day was coming where young golfers and youth playing in all sports and activities would
have to pay for doing that sport, he explain that the city was spending money for each child and
in the "FURTURE" money just wouldn't be available. In a while that happened. First a fee of
$1:00 was the cost. And look at it today. In the early days the city even paid for uniforms and
all the equipment required for these activities. Forty years later their is a Fee for everything
That's is going to happen for students wanting to study many of the "minor" subjects Art, Dance,
Music, acting, sports, etc. You can bet on it.
There have been communities contact the DRL Art program and can see what it is doing. And
these cities want to know how they can set up similar Programs like the DRL except for there
city. And when the day comes that students will have to pay for minor subjects they will be
ready, because a poor student will have to miss out , but with a DRL type program donations
will provide for students to join and the school or the individual student will not have to pay.
The cities who are not paying attention to this problem will be behind the curve and it will
take much effort to correct. If any one is reading this post an can see the truth and would like to know more details about the program please contact h DRL Art program. The program you
set up in your city will be named for a person or a name of your choice. But it'll be done

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome to Daniel's Dream!

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Friday, July 22, 2011

DRL Art Committee

DRL: Art Committee

This blog has helped me to share about Daniel.
One area that I'd like to share with all of you is the most dedicated and hard working people that
are our educators. All you hear about is the
trouble and problems within our education
system today. And what I'd like to do today is share with you educators and interested citizens that go way beyond what is required to make sure our students succeed! When this program first began, what and where it would go was a question. I've worked in the aerospace field all my life and I've worked for some pretty successful companies. But the DRL Art Committee out shines every company I have worked for. Our hopes when considering a art program in Daniel's honor was to offer a scholarship to a graduating art student to be able to attend a college or university of their choice. Those of you that have kept reading this blog or have read "Daniel's Dream" know the story. I won't go into details here but if you are interested, please pick up
"Daniel's Dream" for the whole picture. The DRL Art Committee is made up of art teachers and interested citizens. Art teachers can make grant requests for equipment, supplies, or programs. These grants must be approved by the Committee, and the area that really amazed me was the sincere dedication this Committee gives to every grant request presented to them. First the request must be approved by the Art Coordinator before being submitted to the DRL Art Committee. EVERY request is discussed in detail. Not all grants are awarded. Maybe the teacher will receive part of what was requested. Many types of equipment are requested. The teacher is told where they might receive what they need from suppliers. If our government would follow the DRL Art Committee we' d have much less problems. Many top companies could learn something from these people.

I know I'm going on long, but if I may, I'd like to tell of a grant request that was made. I was
skeptical about this grant. What was proposed was a grant for a child's opera. What was unique
about this request was that the 4th and 5th grade art classes would join together and write this
opera. Well, over 100 students worked to prepare their opera. I didn't think that this could be
done, as I've seen a group of 3 or 4 grownups not be able to agree. Also, the students were to make their own costumes. There would be a seamstress to help. All the sets were to be built by the students themselves. Bottom line, they pulled it off. Marian and I were invited to the opera.

One of the rquirements was that every child had to be in the opera. At the conclusion, every
student stood and took bows and you could see smiles and a personal satisfaction on every student's face. That opera I know will have a major memory for each student. The standing
ovation was unbelievable. What a great success!!

One thing for you to know, all of the DRL Art Committee members are volunteers and 100% of all money donated to the DRL Art Program goes to helping art education and scholarships. If any of you reading this blog would consider a donation, please know that every cent is used for art education. The DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program is a very successful program and thanks to the Cache Education Foundation, DRL Art Committee and all of you.
Please visit HTTP://www.DansInspiration.com and HTTP://www.Danielsdream.webs.com

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Worthy Legacy

A Worthy Legacy - Not for Profit

This is an article published in a non-proit publication

( Many of you may wish to read )

A Legacy, “something handed down,” such as, a million dollar legacy was handed down to the grandson. A legacy of the grandfather's deeds during his lifetime.

This Legacy is a truly remarkable legacy of a young artist and how his Legacy is strengthening art education within a school system.

Daniel was a very sincere and gentle person growing up. He had a very unique ability to “see the whole picture” and “see outside the box.” Daniel was not a grand stander nor was he concerned only about what was good for him. He truly believed that people come in two distinct types, those who feel they come first and those who care about the other person's needs.

Daniel saw during his growing up years many of his classmates who would do anything to win or get what they wanted. He also saw many classmates who really wanted to do well in something but were at the low end of their ability, perhaps because their talent was minimal or some other condition kept them from excelling in their field – maybe it was sports or a certain subject. And, in many cases, he saw these students held in contempt or ridiculed because they didn't meet the standard of others. He himself fit within many of these categories. He was always the smallest in his class and had a difficult time in sports. But no one worked harder than Daniel at what he desired to accomplish.

One of the things he learned early in life was that a person could be great at something and at the same time be a failure at something else. Maybe a person could be a great baseball player but a very poor chess player.

Daniel was the smallest in his class when he went out for Little League Baseball. It was agreed that if he made the team he would stick with it at least for the first season and then he could continue or drop out if he wished. He at least had to give it a good try. Surprisingly, he made the team, as he was very slow and had a difficult time catching the ball. But, the league rules were that every player “must play at least one inning.” And that's what Daniel did, he played the last inning in right field in every game. Of course, this was disappointing to him, but half way through the season the coach realized that Daniel had the best batting average of all the players. When the team needed a “hitter,” the coach would put Daniel in and almost every time he got a hit. But, he still had a problem with catching the ball. The team made it to the championship and Daniel was in right field. It was the last of the last inning, everyone prayed that a hit wouldn’t be go into right field. Daniel's team was leading by one point. The other team was up to bat, they had a runner on base and two outs. Guess what, the batter hit a high ball into right field. Everyone’s heart sank knowing Daniel couldn't catch a ball hit that far and high. But, Daniel ran for this high hard hit ball and caught it! Daniel's team won the championship. You can imagine the accolades and “Hi fives” Daniel received. He was the “Hero” of the game. This just wasn't something Daniel was used to. He was used to getting ridicule from the other players when he didn't catch a ball.

On the way to Pizza for the celebration, Daniel said that he couldn't understand why he was the hero for catching the ball because if he would have dropped the ball, he would have been the worst player on the team and everyone would have hated him. That one instant gave him a perspective for the rest of his life. He strongly believed that sometimes all someone needs is a “break” and just that one “break” can change that person's life. He strongly believed in helping the unfortunate if they were willing to help themselves. Daniel learned that for a whole Little League Baseball season he was “nobody” and was being kept on the team because he had made an agreement to not quit. But, on the last play of that season, he ended up being the “Hero” of the game.

Daniel decided after high school that he wanted to be an artist. He entered a college and because of the high costs, he made up his mind to get a job as well as going to college. With some help from his parents, he received his AA Degree in Computer Animation. He decided to transfer to a university in San Francisco, California for his last two years to get his BFA Degree. The cost was astounding for rent, food, books and materials, bus fare, etc. He got a full time job while attended the university and was getting close to receiving his BFA Degree. To help save money, he moved over to Oakland to save on rent, which were much less than in San Francisco. When he was living in San Francisco, he had to live quite far from the university and work. Travel just one way would be an hour by bus and then walking. In Oakland, the commute was 15 minutes by Bart and he was a block from the university.

One morning, Daniel was walking to the Bart station in Oakland to go to class at the university, he was stalked for two or three blocks and then attacked, shot and killed. It was ruled a “mistaken identity” killing by an Oakland gang member who thought Daniel was someone he'd been in a fight with a week before. Daniel was a gentle and very calm person who had never been in a fight in his short 24 years of life.

This story is about Daniel's Legacy. He was such a unique person, always considering the other person and would give away his sandwich if someone else was hungry. He strongly felt that many students and people just needed some help at times to “make it.” He saw many students who would drop out of the university because they just could not afford to continue their education. Many very gifted, hard working students had to “give up.” One of Daniel's traits was to help others when he had the ability to do so. Daniel had a great ability to think “out side the box” and see the big picture. One of his class assignments will show his “out of the box” thinking.

My Class Assignment

When I heard of this assignment, I looked all around my house at everything I own for something I own that says the most about me. I could find things that I liked, such as posters, souvenirs from places I've been, or my car. I could explain why I liked these things. I like my car because it's fast and fun to drive. I like this particular action figure because I like the Simpsons. But the more I looked, the more I realized that in a hundred years I don't want to be remembered by the material possessions I owned. I think that if you can be summed up by a physical item, it doesn't say anything good about you. It says you've dedicated your life to something frivolous.

I feel you should be remembered for what you did. You should be remembered for how you changed the world, such as, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi and Joseph Stalin. Those people were remembered for what they created, the people they helped or the brutal way they oppressed a nation. You can't describe who these people were with some meaningless item. They probably owned something that said something about them, but what they are known for is what they did. So, in one hundred years I want to be remembered the same way, not by my house or car, but by my actions. That being said, the truth is I could nor think of one single thing to write about that could fill up more than a paragraph, so I came up with this ridiculous idea.”

Daniel R. Lynch

This was very much who Daniel was and Daniel has left a Legacy for what he is doing! His life was cut short, so we'll never know what great good to mankind he would have done. But the way he lived during his short life has resulted in an Art Education Program in his memory. Daniel loved the Arts and he witnessed many a fine artist who loved art as much as he did, but for various reasons could not complete their education.

The Daniel Robert Lynch (DRL) Art Education and Scholarship Program is functioning in his memory. It is a 501(c)3 approved program within the Cache Education Foundation and is funded 100% by contributions and a dedicated volunteer art committee to oversee his program. So, Daniel will be remembered in 100 years for how he has helped mankind.

One word about Daniel was that he was an “Exceptional person, a cut above!”

If you would like to know more about Daniel's DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program, please visit http://dansinspiration.com and http://danielsdream.webs.com. Thank you.

By Robert Lynch

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daniels Dream Book

"Daniel's Dream" is now released, So far the feed back has been positive. The one common suggestion
is to "Target " Art students, Art teachers, and other serious admirers of the Art & Artist !
The promotion for "Daniel's Dream " is by word of mouth and has NO specific target. Yes I agree
that people that love the Art World will find the book very interesting, but as Daniel's father I
really wish the general reader would read "Daniel's Dream". Some thing that is very hurtful to Daniel's Mother and I is that he is being referred to as " The student who was murdered in Oakland".
That is the main reason for "Daniel's Dream" is to let the world know the "Real" Daniel" and many
of the feed back has been the surprise the reader has had to learn about Daniel. I get told over and
over that it doesn't matter what other people "think" it's what I think is most important. But
it hurts very much to know Daniel and his challenges and hard work and dedication to hear,
"Daniel the student who was murdered in Oakland", as anyone who reads the book can understand. One important FACT the money from the sale of "Daniel's Dream" is going to
Daniels DRL Art Education program. Daniels DRL Art program is very successful in it's Mission
to strengthen Art Education. But with the economy the way it is ,donations are slower! So the
funds of Daniel's Dream hopefully will let the reader receive something and the DRL receive also. And even allow Daniel's Dream to become stronger.

Thank You for reading Please visit
(http://www.danielsdream.webs.com/ )


Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is the book cover for "Daniel's Dream." You may purchase it on the website www.danielsdream.webs.com. It's also available at libraries, Amazon and other fine book stores. It's worth the read! For you who are reading this with young children, the one thing that you'll learn from this book is that if your child has a passion for something, they can achieve it with dedication. The one thing that amazed me about Daniel was when he said he wanted to be an artist! Yes, he loved to draw, but the talent just wasn't obvious that he had what was needed. All during his years, he struggled with showing the talent. But his love for art
was unbelievable. With a passion and dedication that was unbelievable he became talented, natural NO, but through hard work and dedication seldom found at this age. Another thing I learned from Daniel was that "YOU CAN DO IT" but you just can't wish it, you have to earn it. The person who impressed Daniel so much that made art was his "DREAM" was Mr. Al
Agnew. Al impressed in Daniel that art took hard work and practice. He wrote on the back of the picture that Dan had purchased that art was just like sports such as basketball to be good at it, you have to practice. Dan took that to heart and "practiced" beyond what I could understand. Yes, he was becoming an above average artist. So when your child or children have a desire or love, maybe you can't see it, but if they work for it they will get it! Easy NO . It can be done. Daniel was living proof of that. I think you'll see that after reading his book. The DRL Art Program is helping other students pursue their dream in the field of art education. I know Daniel would be so proud! Please pass along to your friends about "Daniel's Dream. "

Monday, March 7, 2011

Daniel Good Friend

This picture is of Vladimir Slivsar a very good
friend of Daniels. When Dan introduced me to
Vladimir, as we walked away he said that Vlad was
the nicest person on earth. He thought that
he was so lucky to find such a great close friend

The one thing I'm told is that I should add to
this blog more frequently, That people follow-
ing deserve to be brought up-to-date more
I will do my best to do that , right now I'm publishing a book about Daniel and his venture
toward his education in Art and his journey
for earning his BFA Degree. I was going to update this blog when the book was released. But
have decided to give everyone an early update.
the books name is "DANIEL"S DREAM " and for you who knew Dan you'll understand why I
chose this title. The book is in publication and should be released some time in April. We are
working on all that's required, like press release, getting required approvals, setting up a
Web site for his boo etc. The site is in development but can be viewed prior to it's finish
/release Please visit Danielsdream.webs.com The last post was a" downer" for me but this post
and the next after his book is released will be an "Upper" This book is very candid about Daniels
effort and obstacles and his triumphs. I'll leave it at that Thank you for visiting. I would like
to hear back from you. Hope the World is good for you.