Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daniels Dream Book

"Daniel's Dream" is now released, So far the feed back has been positive. The one common suggestion
is to "Target " Art students, Art teachers, and other serious admirers of the Art & Artist !
The promotion for "Daniel's Dream " is by word of mouth and has NO specific target. Yes I agree
that people that love the Art World will find the book very interesting, but as Daniel's father I
really wish the general reader would read "Daniel's Dream". Some thing that is very hurtful to Daniel's Mother and I is that he is being referred to as " The student who was murdered in Oakland".
That is the main reason for "Daniel's Dream" is to let the world know the "Real" Daniel" and many
of the feed back has been the surprise the reader has had to learn about Daniel. I get told over and
over that it doesn't matter what other people "think" it's what I think is most important. But
it hurts very much to know Daniel and his challenges and hard work and dedication to hear,
"Daniel the student who was murdered in Oakland", as anyone who reads the book can understand. One important FACT the money from the sale of "Daniel's Dream" is going to
Daniels DRL Art Education program. Daniels DRL Art program is very successful in it's Mission
to strengthen Art Education. But with the economy the way it is ,donations are slower! So the
funds of Daniel's Dream hopefully will let the reader receive something and the DRL receive also. And even allow Daniel's Dream to become stronger.

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