Sunday, April 3, 2011

This is the book cover for "Daniel's Dream." You may purchase it on the website It's also available at libraries, Amazon and other fine book stores. It's worth the read! For you who are reading this with young children, the one thing that you'll learn from this book is that if your child has a passion for something, they can achieve it with dedication. The one thing that amazed me about Daniel was when he said he wanted to be an artist! Yes, he loved to draw, but the talent just wasn't obvious that he had what was needed. All during his years, he struggled with showing the talent. But his love for art
was unbelievable. With a passion and dedication that was unbelievable he became talented, natural NO, but through hard work and dedication seldom found at this age. Another thing I learned from Daniel was that "YOU CAN DO IT" but you just can't wish it, you have to earn it. The person who impressed Daniel so much that made art was his "DREAM" was Mr. Al
Agnew. Al impressed in Daniel that art took hard work and practice. He wrote on the back of the picture that Dan had purchased that art was just like sports such as basketball to be good at it, you have to practice. Dan took that to heart and "practiced" beyond what I could understand. Yes, he was becoming an above average artist. So when your child or children have a desire or love, maybe you can't see it, but if they work for it they will get it! Easy NO . It can be done. Daniel was living proof of that. I think you'll see that after reading his book. The DRL Art Program is helping other students pursue their dream in the field of art education. I know Daniel would be so proud! Please pass along to your friends about "Daniel's Dream. "

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Sue Harrell said...

Hi Uncle Bob - I've ordered my book and should receive it on Friday. I'm really looking forward to reading it.