Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Problems for future Art Education

Hello All, This Economy has really put a damper on donations to Daniel's Art Program. The DRL
is funded by 100% contributions and is governed by an all volunteer Art committee. The
Mission for this successful art program is to strengthen Art Education in our schools and provide scholarships to students who desire to pursue an Art career. As noted in the web that explains
about Daniel's Art program http://www.Dansinspiration.com
Art education is in serious danger . One danger that is on the way that people can't see coming.
Many years ago I was president of the Santa Barbara Golf Assoc. In those days young golfers
received a card as being in the SBJGA and this card allowed these young golfers to practice on the range and play golf for free. One day the Parks and Recreation Director called me in and said
that the day was coming where young golfers and youth playing in all sports and activities would
have to pay for doing that sport, he explain that the city was spending money for each child and
in the "FURTURE" money just wouldn't be available. In a while that happened. First a fee of
$1:00 was the cost. And look at it today. In the early days the city even paid for uniforms and
all the equipment required for these activities. Forty years later their is a Fee for everything
That's is going to happen for students wanting to study many of the "minor" subjects Art, Dance,
Music, acting, sports, etc. You can bet on it.
There have been communities contact the DRL Art program and can see what it is doing. And
these cities want to know how they can set up similar Programs like the DRL except for there
city. And when the day comes that students will have to pay for minor subjects they will be
ready, because a poor student will have to miss out , but with a DRL type program donations
will provide for students to join and the school or the individual student will not have to pay.
The cities who are not paying attention to this problem will be behind the curve and it will
take much effort to correct. If any one is reading this post an can see the truth and would like to know more details about the program please contact h DRL Art program. The program you
set up in your city will be named for a person or a name of your choice. But it'll be done

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