Sunday, March 2, 2008

Magnificent Blackman

This is a picture of the "Magnificent Blackman" that Daniel drew. It was honored with special recognition in a gallery showing. Daniel was very proud of this drawing and it shows
his talent was becoming stronger, as was his love for the arts.

The Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education Program is up and running. We have a strong dedicated art committee that has
just selected and awarded the first annual Daniel Robert
Lynch Art Scholarships. Because of the quality of the applicants, the committee awarded two (2) scholarships.

Emily Wilson,was one of the winners, Emily has committed herself to the arts and is planning to make it her career. Her
academics and work ethics are outstanding, her portfolio
was exceptional. Emily will be successful in her life's venture.

Haley Glenn, was the second winner. She has a strong
life foundation that guarantees her a very successful future.
Some of the things we read about today's youth, gives us pause for the future of this country. After reviewing Haley's application and all the other applications for scholarships and reading about their journey to this point, we, as a country, don't have a thing to worry about.

All we read and hear is the negative regarding our youth. However, the vast majority we never hear about would put a pride in our hearts. The vast majority of our young people are living their lives in a manner that would make all of us proud. We are very proud of Haley and Emily and will be following their successful careers.