Monday, March 7, 2011

Daniel Good Friend

This picture is of Vladimir Slivsar a very good
friend of Daniels. When Dan introduced me to
Vladimir, as we walked away he said that Vlad was
the nicest person on earth. He thought that
he was so lucky to find such a great close friend

The one thing I'm told is that I should add to
this blog more frequently, That people follow-
ing deserve to be brought up-to-date more
I will do my best to do that , right now I'm publishing a book about Daniel and his venture
toward his education in Art and his journey
for earning his BFA Degree. I was going to update this blog when the book was released. But
have decided to give everyone an early update.
the books name is "DANIEL"S DREAM " and for you who knew Dan you'll understand why I
chose this title. The book is in publication and should be released some time in April. We are
working on all that's required, like press release, getting required approvals, setting up a
Web site for his boo etc. The site is in development but can be viewed prior to it's finish
/release Please visit The last post was a" downer" for me but this post
and the next after his book is released will be an "Upper" This book is very candid about Daniels
effort and obstacles and his triumphs. I'll leave it at that Thank you for visiting. I would like
to hear back from you. Hope the World is good for you.

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