Friday, August 3, 2007

Daniel's Scholarship Program

Hello All, for those of you that are reading these posts and are interested in progress of The Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program, I'll bring you up to date. Originally we had hoped to establish the Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program with-in the Academy of Art University. At first things looked promising, but because the Academy is a private University they did not qualify for 501(c) 3 IRS Tax exemption status. That situation eliminated the possibility for any donations to Daniels Fund. We are attempting to have the Academy name one of their in-house Scholarships in Daniel Honor & Memory. Will keep you up to date on how that proceeds.
As of now The Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program is being offered through the Cache Education Foundation and is set up as a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt contribution and is for disadvantaged students to pursue their education & love in the Arts. Recently an art teacher told me that many of her students past ,present, and in the future will never have a chance to go to college because their families "are poor as church mice" and will never go to college with out a scholarship! ( This is the situation in every community in America today) Because of the cost of a college education these days only the" well to do," or a student or their family get in dept for thousands of dollars. If your family is" poor as church mice" they cannot qualify for a student loan to pursue their education in the Arts. I would like to request from any of you who are reading this to consider a contribution no matter how small. Any and all contributions large or small are more than welcome. Some of you may know of a company that contributes each year for tax reasons, would really appreciate it if you could pass along the word about Daniel Scholarship Program. Our Goal is modest, for Daniels Scholarship Program to become
perpetual we are shooting for $ 55,000 by next March. We have had some contributions and we have $1,400 toward the $ 55,000 goal. It is very gratifying to receive a donation no matter how small ,it's the thought that counts andit is slowly inching toward our Goal. This week we received a $1,000 dollar check from Mr. Sullivan, what a generous gift and really helps toward in meeting our Goal. Thank You Mr. Sullivan! All this may sound trivial to some of you, but if you knew Daniel, and the way he lived his life, you'd understand. He never had enemies and liked everyone, with his big Grin. He deserves to be remembered as he lived, he was the type of individual to give you the shirt off his back if you needed it .And he does not deserve to be just a statistic in the city of Oakland.
Thank you, Daniels father. Please visit Daniel website. Information is noted on the site how to contribute. Than You for reading all this!

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I would like to know how to apply for a scholarship. Any information would be greatly appreciated!