Friday, July 13, 2007

The story just published about Daniel's Pond somehow I made a boo boo and the picture on the right was covered by Dan's pond. Anyway those of you following Daniel's story deserve to have the complete picture, so here are a couple more pictures of Dan and one of his fishing buddies and their "catch". This post is an afterthought because of the goof on Dan's picture so if you will allow me, I'll continue with another vignette about Daniel and the farm life. We had a BIG Charlotte Bull that ruled the ranch. He was very aloof as most bulls are unless you caught his attention and it didn't please him. Daniel was the only person on this earth that he would warm up to. When Dan came to the fence he would walk over to Dan and let him stroke his nose, anyone else came around the fence he would ignore them. It was a very strange bond between Dan and the Bull. The Bulls name? I can't remember, one of these days it'll come to me. We all would get a big kick about Dan and "his" Bull. The farm has many wonderful memories, that hopefully some day I'll recount.

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