Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Artist Quote

This is a picture of Dan on his way to or from his
Art class at the University. Here he is in the lobby of the Hotel Triton saying "Hi" to his friends at work.
I had a couple of interesting discussions with people
regarding Daniel's quote, "My inspiration is Art....
Because with out Art we would just be stuck with reality." Someone told me the other day that the quote didn't make sense. Then I had another discussion with an Art teacher and she had the same
appreciation for it that I have. Being Daniel's Dad,
I'm very proud of this quote and anyone that knew Dan would know its relevance.
Art is imagination, creativity, and a dedication that many of us who are not artists have no appreciation of. Most of us think that Art is a picture someone
drew. Some we like others don't do anything for us.
If you'd had the opportunity to sit down with Dan,
you would have come away with a different appreciation of the picture, the Artist and much more. I was at an art gallery in San Francisco
and Dan was looking at a piece of Art, studying it hard, I said to him that the picture "didn't
do anything for me." He said, " Dad, look at that picture....." and he explained what the Artist
was saying, he told me all about the artist and the picture's content. All of a sudden, I saw the picture in a new wonderful light, and I truly enjoyed it! In our life we see Art everywhere, the
the architect, the landscaper, colors on building, paintings, sculptures. Without Art, opera, orchestras, we would be stuck with our every day routine (reality) without any pleasure or enjoyment. Think about life with cold block gray buildings, no landscaping, just block & concrete. etc. Most of us take this beauty for granted, and don't give it a second thought. Without Art we would just be stuck with our everyday reality. The Artist gives us inspiration and more. Our schools must provide our students with this appreciation of the Arts and the students will be better citizens for it. Remember the next time you get bored with your daily routine, think about art and all the pleasure it brings. Please think of Daniel's quote,
"My inspiration is ART.....Because without ART we would just be stuck with reality," no beauty, no color, we would just exist... in our own reality.

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