Saturday, October 10, 2015

Daniel's Bronze


In my last post  I told you I would bring you up to date about the bronze fund raiser for The Cache Education Foundation  DRL Art Education and Scholarship program.  Bottom line is that the bronze was put on the shelf. After all the effort it was determined that with the cost of the bronze " Artists In Thought" is just too great to make sense as a fund raiser. The rules for a not for profit donation if you offering any thing of value.
the cost for the bronze to be made in the foundry, shipping and any small profit that would be available would not allow only a small percentage of the cost of the bronze to provide any insensitive for a donation.

The cost for a foundry to make the bronze to the museum quality that is is just wont work.I hoped that the
" Artist in Thought " would be popular item for Art Galleries ETC. that a reliable donation funds would be a
consistency source of income for the DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program

For you that are visiting this blog for the first time, please visit both ( Art Program } and This art program is in it's 10th year and is helping art education in a very big way

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