Monday, November 9, 2015

Donations Up-date

Hello Again..  This post is to bring you up to date on a new fund raiser for Art Education in Daniel's honor and memory. Those of you that have been following Daniel's Art program with-in the Cache Education Foundation ( Art Program ) know what amazing work it's doing for Art Education  and
Scholarships for Art students.

Have been attempting fund raising or many years now. And it's been very successful. However the last few
years with our present condition in our economy donation have been tight.

We've had many requests received from both art students and educators to help from outside the Cache
Education Foundation in Logan UT. and  there charter is for the Cache County  District School System
so help cannot be provided for these requests through the Daniel Robert Lynch (DRL) Art Education and
Scholarship Program. And many of these outside requests have been very genuine and very discouraging
not to be able to help.

We have set up another fund raiser to allow funding both the DRL Art program and other outside requests
that we receive. One very big obstacle  has been that most requests are turned down  because communities
wish to made donations to help others with-in their communities And that makes sense. So our new fund
raising project will be open to ALL  requests for consideration, both the DRL Art program and others.

Would like to say a big THANK YOU for the nice donation from Tim Regan one of Daniel's friends at the
Triton Hotel in San Francisco .THANK YOU Tim.!!!

For those of you who would consider a donation to Daniels Inspiration fund raiser please go to   and make a donation if you can.

Dan's Art quote posted at ( With-in the Visitor Center )

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