Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daniel's Bronze

Almost there, Daniel's bronze well be ready in 2-3 weeks. At the bronze factory now. Continuing from last
post. Daniel's life sized bronze well cost between $80-100,000 dollars. In an attempt to find a fund raiser
for Daniel's bronze has been un-successful. So another approach is being take, The bronze artist suggested
that a table top bronze be manufactured so potential Art  Gallery's who have shown interest in  Daniel's
bronze will be able to see it through pictures. Interest has been received from potential museum's from a
word description of the bronze and all have requested a rendering of the bronze before a final decision can
be made by their Directors. The bronze from the foundry is an 18" table Top sculptor. A 3D 9" sculptor
is being produced and the bronze is going to be a business card holder for Art Gallery's and museums and
for high end Corporations that can appreciate a top quality bronze.

This bronze is of the height's quality produced here in the U.S.A. not a quick produced item from China or
Mexico. This bronze will be of the highest quality that can be produced . And each bronze requested will
be made at the factory. and shipped to the customer. Once again it's a request for you to check back soon and view Daniel's bronze. Yes any profit received will go towards Daniel's life sized bronze and his DRL
Art Education Foundation Art Program ( Art Program ) Hopefully a picture of Daniel's
bronze in the next entry.

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