Monday, August 25, 2014

Daniel's bronze

This is an update on the bronze statue of Daniel and where it is in the project pipe line!
An Artist Sculptor has been chosen and the bronze is in process.  However, a couple of
road blocks have popped up.  A fund raising company has agreed to put on a fundraiser for
the bronze and the artist has agreed to work with the foundation and the fundraiser.  At this
stage, the preliminary bronze model is being developed.  I just found out that the foundation
doing the the fundraiser let it be known that if the full amount requested to be raised cannot
be raised in total, the money will be kept by the foundation and not released. When the
artist found this out, he was very disappointed and did some research and found that the
average amount requested by others in their fundraiser ran between $5,000-10,000 and many
were unable to reach the requested amount.  The amount requested to be raised for the bronze
was $60,000 and that is taking in account the money that the artist is donating for this life-size
bronze, so we had to regroup and come up with another fundraiser.

The artist had already started on the bronze and it has been decided to do a table-top
bronze 18" and in the meantime locate another foundation to help with the funding.
It has been suggested that we also consider a grant, perhaps from a wealthy person
who is an admirer of art. When the 18" table-top bronze is finished it will be available to
show a potential donor what the bronze will look like.  Also, they would be invited to the
unveiling at the American Art Museum Smithsonian.

So, at this date, the bronze is in the manufacturing cycle, with some more hard work to
have the bronze life-sized finished.

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