Monday, November 5, 2012

Daniel remembered

I'vr been thinking about Daniel a lot lately. And would like for you visitors to learn and know something
about this remarkable young Artist. I'm not able to understand or accept Daniel's life being taken from
him with the sincere and honest person he was and the world full of people who just want to take from
others, kill, steal and have no concern about their fellow man. Daniel was such a " giving " person and
was the type of person who understood that to reach your goal it took hard wook and dedication. He
missed quite a lot of activities that other people enjoy because he knew that when his goal "dream" was
met he could do those activities then. Reaching his "dream" was the most important thing to him. He
worked harder than 95% of people to reach his "dream" and to have his life taken by someone he
didn't even know and by a "mistake"  and a act of  Violence is unacceptable.

The one positive thing out of this terable tragity is The Daniel Robert Lynch (DRL) Art Education and
Scholarship Program in his honor and memory. This wonderful program is such a belessing in Daniel's
Legacy.For those of you that this is the first knowledge of Daniel's DRL Art Program please take a
moment and visit the Cache Education Foundation ( Art Program ) that Daniel's
 DRL program is with-in . The Cache Education Foundation is such a "giving" organization, not just
in Art but in every subject with-in the school system.

I realize this is a Dad speaking, and all fathers have a great opinion of there sons or daughters.
To let you see and understand the deepness of Daniel's charater  I'm going to let you read a paper
that Daniel did for a High School project. Those of you who have read "Daniel's Dream " know the
story. Daniel's class was iven an assignment to write about some thing they owned that would tell
the most about them !  Below is Daniel's paper he turned in.

My Class Assignment

When I heard of this assignment I looked all around my house at everything I own for something I own that says the most about me, I could find things that I liked, such as posters, souvenirs from places I've been, or
my car. I could explain why I liked these things. I liked my car because it's fast and fun to drive. I like this particular action figure because I like the Simpsons.  But the more I look , the more I realized that in a
hundred years I don't want to br remembered by the material possessions I owned. I think that if yiu can
be summed up by a physical item,  then it doesn't say anything good about you. It says you've dedicated your life to something frivolous.

I feel you should be remembered for what you did. You should be remembered for how you change the
world, such as George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, and Joseph Stalin. these people were remembered for what they created, the people they helped or the brutal way they oppressed a nation. You can't describe who these people were with some meaningless item. They probably owned something that said something
about them, but what they are know for is what they did. So in one hundred years I want to be remembered
the same way, not by my house or car. but by my actions. That being said the truth is I could not think of one single thing to write about that could fill up more than a paragraph,  so I came up with this ridiculous

Daniel R. Lynch

This "classic" writing assignment tells a lot about Daniel. One thing Daniel had was the ability to think
"out side the box" Even when Daniel was in geammer school he many times would present a diferent
view that I had never even thought about and his view made perfect sense.

So The DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program fits so well for Daniel's Legacy.
" So in one hundred years I want to be remembered for what I did !  Daniel didn't have the chance to
to  judged on "What he did "  but his Legacy will  be remembered for the way he live during his short
 life and what his DRL Art Education and Scholarship Program is doing for Art Education, his Love and Dream.

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