Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reality Question

I've been receiving many replys to Daniel's Art quote. About  1/3 to 1/4 feel that it doesn't relate to
reality. I've been doing research about tje meaning of reality. And I must confess, there all very
different thoughts about what is reality. What is your opinion ?  Basically "What is ,IS" is that reality?

I never gave it much thought, but now I'm very interested in other's opinon's My thinking is that reality
in it's basic form is the Way thing are , Both positive and negitive. I believe Daniel's saw it as life in it's
basics. I remember when he had a down day, Just watching the Simpsons his day brightened. On a
basic level just viewing a cartoon can make a difference at that moment ( reality ) seem changed to
the better. That's about as basic as you can get. But ART, creative minds can change reality both
for the Good or bad.

Do I have the right opinion or not. Daniel's Quote " My inspiration is ART...... because without art
we would just be stuck with reality " fit's with-in my opinion. I've received a few   opinions that
put down Daniel's quote in a very negative way. And I can't understand why people just take there
personal view and live with it.  Daniel was NOT an authority on reality, nor was his quote the
approved definition for "Realiy".

For those who read this I'd be very interested in your view of what reality is. I'm some what impressed
that so many people are feeling that Dans opinion is the authority on the subject. The world is made up
of various opinions on ALL subjects. Received comment's that those who appreciate Daniel's quote,
just don't understnd basics. And if the rating on Daniel's quote on means any thing then that say's something  Author (Daniel Robert Lynch ) has had 109 votes in this short period and with a rating system  between 0-----10   His quote has a 9.22 rating out of 10 so many believe it's a Superior quotation. The average runs between 5-7 for Good quotations.

If some one just belives that ART is just pictures then I can see the responses I've received ,but many
have been by very well educated smart people, so I'm scratching my head. I know it doesn't make any
difference ,but as Daniel's Father, it does propose a question.  As I've allways just considered it just a
'quote'. Then it has ben discovered and now it's a large question to his Father. I'm wondering why it
has hit such a nerve.  But I think Daniel would be smiling knowing that his quote has so many opinions.

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