Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Been a while since I've written. Just a brief update. Those of you who are or have been following this
site, remember my mentioning an Artist AL AGNEW. Suggest that you go to www.mhslicensing.com
and enter Al's name where it requests the artists name. And view Mr. Agnew’s wonderful Art.

For those of you who are Artists or love Art there are a couple of activities coming up that I know
you'll enjoy. Not just viewing Art in a Gallery, but being part of the action. It's something that has
amazement. You in the action Not just standing viewing Art but involved !

First is the Summersest Art Fare June 13-15 ( www.Logansummerfest.com ) I strongly suggest that
if you have the opportunity consider attendance.

Second is Art On The Lawn June 29 in North Logan ( artonthelawn.net ) It is an amazing outing, with
a full day in interaction with the Artists, Art auction, food, and many artist doing there painting as you
watch. Something so enlightening and compelling , you'll be amazed .

Three Scholarship were awarded by the Art committee of Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education and
Scholarship Program. These young artist will be worth watching their future progress. The Artists
who won the Scholarships Katrina Tolman, Sarah Patch and Anna Phelps. The total number of
Scholarships awarded by the DRL Art committee is thirteen ( 13 ) The DRL Art committee is so
dedicated and doing such a wonderful job for Art Education ( www.cefut.org ) Art program and
( WWW,DansInspiration.com )

Please consider attending Art on the Lawn and Summerfest, if you can make it you'll be pleased.           

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