Sunday, July 1, 2012

Impressive Artists

This post is to alert you readers about some very sincere artists. Their art speaks for itself, but what these artist have shown is their personal side.
First let me tell you about artist Don Gray, Don has the special ability to do a painting almost every day. The days he doesn't are when he is doing large complicated projects like painting murals. Don has helped support DansInspiration and Daniel's Dream. I can't talk enough about people helping this wonderful art program. Please visit Don's website and if you are able thank him for his wonderful support.

The second artist is Sue Harrell, Sue is another artist who tries to paint one picture every day! Her art is amazing. Sue was one of the original people who donated to help Daniel's art program become a reality. She had no way of knowing that this wonderful program would succeed, but she had enough belief to help this program get started. Please visit Sue's BLOG and tell her thank you for all her support.

The third artist I'd like to present is Celeste Reyes,
Celeste has entered Daniel's art quote on her web page, “My inspiration is ART. . . .
because without art we would just be stuck with reality” By Daniel R. Lynch. That gesture is a special tribute to Daniel and has made his father very appreciative.

Another artist is Todd Marinovitch, Todd also entered Daniel's quotation on his website and that means so much to me. Todd's art is sports related. Many are famous athletes. So please check out his website and witness his impressive art.

Finally, the Stirling Art Studios and Gallery, has also included Daniel's art quote on their website, for which I am very appreciative.

The Daniel Robert Lynch (DRL) Art Education and Scholarship Program is very appreciative of these artists for their wonderful support, helping to keep Daniel's legacy alive and supporting art education.

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