Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art on the LAWN Activity

One of the purposes of this blog was to inform you the reader about other art programs and artists. I've
been just noting information about the DansInspiration .com subject, but will now start to note other art subjects.

This post is about an interesting activity that is a very successful event every year:  ART ON THE LAWN,
held in Logan, Utah. This year the ART ON THE LAWN event will be held on JUNE 30, 2012.
For those of you artists and others that like Art Galleries, you will be amazed with this very unique concept.
ART ON THE LAWN goes beyond just viewing art placed on a wall, but gives you the opportunity to see  the artists and other activities within the art medium, such as, pottery, crafts, an art auction and many other activities that time and space just limits noting. The ART ON THE LAWN is well attending for an all encompasing day of ART.

For details, please visit and plan a very wonderful, interesting and
informative art activity. You can spend as much time as you wish, one hour or one whole day, with a
wonerful art experience. There is food and entertainment available.

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