Sunday, July 15, 2012

Al Agnew Art

This is an additional post about an artist that has supported Daniel's DRL Art Education and Scholarship
Program. Factually, Mr. Al Agnew was the initial inspiration to Daniel for becoming an artist. When
Daniel was in grammar school one of his subjests was to draw and Dan would draw at home.  It was nothing special, like every kid draws, but he just liked to draw. He had a chance to go to an art gallery that was featuring a young artist, Al Agnew.  That experience changed Daniel's life.  Daniel fell in love with one of Al Agnew's pictures of a fox in the woods.  Daniel talked his mom and dad into buying the beautiful drawing.  Mr. Agnew took the time to talk with Daniel, not just a few seconds but a very meaningful one, and on the back of the picture, an artist's proof) Al wrote a message to Daniel that followed him through the rest of his life.  He said that anythig in life worth doing is worth doing the best you can and that Daniel should practice his art just like practicing basketball.  To be the best will take extremely dedicated effort.

The one great quality that Daniel possesed was his dedication to study hard and be the best he could be. He played baseball and he wasn't the best player but he was one that tried the hardest worker on his team and his coach could see the extra effort Daniel put out and in the final championship all Daniel's hard work paid off.  For those of you who have read "Daniel's Dream" know the story, so I won't go into it here. Daniel's life changed after meeting Al Agnew.

Small unplanned things can make a huge difference in a young person's life. As a young grammar school
student through his whole life Daniel was one who understood that to be a success it took effort. And
during his time at the University, Daniel worked harder at his studies and work than anyone could
imagine.  He was going to be a Computer Animator.  He chose that field because he loved the Simpsons cartoon series on television.  No matter what kind of day he was having, after watching the Simpsons, he was very happy and he wanted to be in a field where he would enjoy it and he loved art and was very good at computers, so he decided that animation would fit his vocation the best.  As Daniel's father, I know he would have been a super star in his chosen feild. Al Agnew was the inspiration for Daniel's lifes quality.

The one major hurt in my life is the type of person Daniel was and a gang member shot and killed Daniel because he thought Daniel was someone else. If Daniel would have lived, he would have been a leader for all who followed him and I know that that meeting with Al Agnew had a huge impact on Daniel's quality of life.

Please do me, yourself, and yes Daniel a favor and visit Mr. Agnew's website and art gallery. His art is beautiful!

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