Monday, February 20, 2012

Daniel's Art Quote acceptance

The last post was about Daniel's Art quote, and I know that a repeat on a subject is not good!
But I've been getting a lot of feedback about Daniel's quotation and it is really impressing me.
As I noted earlier I always thought the quote to be just a quote. But after it has been out there
over 5 years it's becomming very popular, And it's some thing I just can't set by and be silent !

One thing that people are saying is that to a non -artist (like me) it would sound "glib or off
the cuff" but to an artisst , they understand that true art is not just pictures, but design of
buikdings, landscaping, the abillty that GOD gave man to help " reality " be more acceptable,
pleasing. Art is not just art pictures, but just think what a wall with real wonderful pictures
does for the plain walls in a building or a house. So after so many years of seeing just a "quote"
I know see Daniel's wisdom on the subject. Daniel was a very deep thinker and as a child
would teach me his Father to see things in a very different way than I had ever looked before.

The artist noted that Daniel's quotation is being noted on most quote sites. And the site which has it's viewers rate the quotes. Has had over 70 "HITS"
and is in the high 8's % rating ( ratings rated between 0---10 %) and with Daniel's quote
with such a HIGH rating confirms his feelings! And I agree.

If you know someone in the Art field, art gallery, Office or den, or even on a Web-site request
that they display Daniel's Quotation where their Customers can view it. That would please
Daniel's Father so much.

Daniel's DRL Art Education & Scholarship Program is
doing a great job for Art Education, the artist agreed that in the future Art Education will
require help from private individuls above that funded by our schools and the Communities
that adopt a program similar to Daniel's DRL Art Pogram will be ready ! The Art
committe overseeing the DRL is an all volunteer committee that is making a BIG difference!

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