Sunday, February 12, 2012

ART Quotation Popularity

I have been receiving comments regarding Daniel's Quotation. I didn't think about it until
I received a note from a very WELL known artist. He noted his pleasure with Daniel's
DRL Art Education & Scholarship program and said he was very impressed with Daniel's quote

"MY inspiration is ART........because withour art we would just be stuck with reality "

BY, Daniel R. Lynch

He alerted me to Daniels quote has received over 70 HITS each quote is
rated by the viewer and the rating range is ( 0----10) % Daniel's rating was 8.0% he noted that
was exceptional for Art quotes. He said that in all his years in Art he had never seen or heard
a better quotation. Rhose words made a Father Proud. I received a comment from an Art
Professor He didn't think the quote mad any sense ! But I'll accept the Artists opinion. If you
agree with me and the Artist would you request that Daniel's Quotation be considerad posted
in an Art Gallery near you. I always just thought of it as just a quote. The artist suggested that
I make it my "Cause" to promote Daniel's quotation. That's what I'm doing now

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