Thursday, June 26, 2008

Action Required

This is a computer-generated picture done by
Daniel, we have this as our screen saver and it's awesome! I know that the subjects I write about on this blog are about things that I'm concerned and interested in, and many of you may not find these subjects interesting! But at least this is an outlet and a way to express my feelings.
Today the Supreme Court made a ruling about
"Gun Control." I've always been in favor of the
folks being able to have a gun if they wanted one. After Daniel was shot and killed by a hand
gun, I have very conflicting thoughts about the
right for the citizen to own a gun. Along with
that "Right" comes "Responsibility." The argument for the Right to Bear Arms is for personal protection, hunting, etc. and I'm all for that, but they tell us that being able to drive a car is not a right but a privilege. So to have that privilege we must pass a drivers test and obtain a license. But to have the privilege to own a gun, you go out and buy one and use it, unless you intend on concealing it, then you need a permit. The person that shot and killed Daniel had a prior conviction of having an unregistered gun. But he got another one and took Daniel's life. Daniel was killed in 2006. There were 15,000 + homicides in the United States. We, as a society, cannot be so insensitive to accept all these murders as acceptable. It's going to get much worse before it'll ever get better. 15,000 lives are gone, but we must have the "Right to have a Gun?" To have this privilege we must also use
"responsibility" of gun ownership. This problem is not going away, but we, the citizen, can demand corrective action, otherwise, society will just keep going the way it is. Just think how many precious lives have been lost!

Thank you for letting me spill my gut on this subject. I can see no solution until the masses get mad and demand action. Many of you I'm sure have differing thoughts on this subject and I'd welcome a dialog on the subject! Many of our cities are "out of control." Jjust last weekend in Oakland, California, they had 7 homicides! In 2006, Oakland had 148 killings and 2008 looks worse at this point! That's one city in the U.S. If it was a baseball team or a corporation, the manager would be fired and and a new manager and coach would be hired and corrections would be mandated. But we just keep the management team in Oakland and instead of losing ball games were losing lives! Life is so precious, whole families are destroyed. But we, the citizen, have the "Right " to have a gun! Yes, I should have the right to have a gun because I'll be responsible, the other guy won't. S hould we both have this right? And what about Daniel's right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness! Let me know your thoughts on the subject, I'm very interested in your opinion...

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