Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daniel's Art Program Update

It has been way to long since I've brought you up to date on what's happening. The Daniel Robert Lynch (DRL) Art Education and Scholarship Program is doing much in the area of strengthing Art in our schools.

Daniel's webpage is being visited from around the world with added interest. One area of concern has been with as many of hits it received, the contributions received are disapointing.

I had a review made by a professional in web design and fundraising. His advise was to cut down on the site content, that it is too busy for expecting contributions. He noted that the site was very well done and interesting, but a bit too complicated for the purpose of asking for donations. He recommended that we keep the site "as is " and create a different site just for requesting contributions.

As Daniel's site was originally designed just for the memory and honor of Daniel, the area for asking for donations was not being considered. Daniel's site is very popular for what it's original intent was and therefore it will stay the same. We have had another site implemented for the contributions. The site is

To bring you up to date on the DRL Art Education Program, many teacher grants have been awarded for art supplies, equipment and program activities. One thing that has become evident is that the schools just don't have the funds for teacher to do special art projects and activities. It is a well known fact that students learn far better by doing than just listening to a teacher lecture. The Drl Art Program recently sponsored a "Childs Opera." This was such an amazing project. The 4-5 grade classes wrote the opera themselves, not just one or two of the students, but ALL of the students had a hand in to the script. Talking about "getting along" and agreeing on something, then after they wrote the script, they had to build the scenery, actually build and draw all the scenes for the play. Then, with the help of a seamstress, they designed the costumes. After that, ALL the students had a part in the OPERA. It was amazing, and those children will remember their efforts for all their lives. It was so impressive to see the opera and what a great job the students did in all areas. The DRL Art Program was so proud to be able to help in this type of effort. Also a Total todate 6 Scholaeshipa have been awarded to Students

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