Sunday, May 4, 2008

Potential Problem To Beware

It's been awhile again in making an entry into this Blog..... I would like to alert all readers
to a silent happening in our schools which is happening "under the radar." It concerns ART.
Our schools have been given the edict to strengthen math and science education, we are way behind other world countries in math and science. School budgets are strained to there limits,
so Art budgets are being cut in many schools. It's not only art, but many other minor subjects are being cut or eliminated. We all know that we need to improve our core subjects, i.e. math and science, but not at the expense of ART. If we allow art to become a casuality and fall behind the curve in our education, we, as a nation and society will pay dearly in future generations. Many people and maybe you think "big deal, so our kids will miss painting some pictures." Art education is way more important than "just painting some pictures." Studies show that art education enhances the development of the part of the brain that strengthens the capability to reason, be innovative, be creative, to do critical thinking and "out of the box" concepts. It will have an extremely negative impact on future generations if de-emphasis on art continues. Art development is greatly needed by today's students. Become involved if your child's school is or has downgraded or eliminated art education! Stand up and alert other parents, DON'T allow the school board and administrators downgrade or eliminate art from the school curriculum. It's a stealth problem and society won't realize what happened until it's too late.

I would like some feedback if this is happening in your schools and if you have taken action to correct this problem.

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