Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Article about Daniel

The Baja Artists On-line Magazine has a nice story about Daniel  and a few of Daniel's Art pictures . For those of you out there who are artists it is suggested that you contact  Attn: ANDREW, and determine if a story about you and showing some of your Art would be a smart thing to do ! the response received has been impressive . It should be known that Baja Artists on-line has a large world wide reader-ship. I strongly suggest that you artists, both visual and Musical  seriously consider hooking up with this very interesting program.

Baja Artists also has a radio program that plays the music by his musicians Artists that they have introduced to their magazine. It is so impressive to hear both instrumental and voice from many unknown Artists that will
impress you with their talent and many will be superstars in future years.
Visual and musical  Artists are having a very difficult time in this economy and you viewers will be amazed with the beautiful Art in this magazine.

I would like to note my gratitude for the help that Andrew did for me to get Daniel's story out. It should be
noted that I'm not connected with Baja Artists magazine other than a satisfied Customer. Take a moment and
visit  and visit the beautiful article about Daniel  The title Daniel R. Lynch ( RIP)
I know you Artists and musicians , instrumental, voice, visual artists     And the amazing thing it is FREE.
Yes FREE.   Andrew is doing all this to help struggling artists at his own expense.

And additionally those of you that sell Art supplies, visual, instrumental or voice check with Andrew and
determine what the cost would be for an on-line AD. You'll have a world wide captured audience. Money
well spent.

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