Monday, December 10, 2007

For Parents

A tired father came home late one night... and in the door was his young 5 year old son waiting to greet him, the young boy had a deep look and serious look on his face. The father asked..".Something wrong son"?, the little boy looked perplexed and walked away with his head hanging down. The father couldn't get over his sons actions and asked his son again "if anything was bothering him". The little boy looked up at his father and said " Dad, how much do you make an hour? The father looked at him and said
" son that's really not any of your business and you should not ask that kind of question". The little boy said " I just want to know ,please tell me, how much do you make an hour? The father was getting a little irritated, and said O.K. if you must know I make $50.00 per hour, "OH" the little boy said with his head down. then he asked "Daddy can I barrow $ 25.00."? The father got upset them, "if the only reason you asked is so you can borrow some money to buy silly toys or some other nonsense, then you can march straight up to your room and go to bed." The little fella hung his head and went up to bed. After about 1/2 hour of fuming about what his son had done, he decided to go up and ask his son why he wanted all that money, he had never asked for money before. He walked into his sons room and asked " son are you asleep"? The little boy looked up with tears in his eyes " No Daddy" The Dad said "I've been thinking and I would like to know why you asked for all that money?"the son said will Daddy I have $ 25.00 saved and showed his father the money he had under his pillow, the father got angerer.
" You already have the $ 25.00 and you asked me for some more! Shame on you". With tears rolling down his little face he said " No Daddy I just want to buy an hour of your time".... " Please come home early tomorrow I'd like to have dinner with you" I know it's a cute story but has so much truth. With our busy schedules and excuses we don't think about what means most to our children. please stop and Think, if your don't your child will miss the best of his youth, they don't need any more toys etc. They need YOU !!!!! And the money your making will never make up for the loss !1


Lisa Lynch said...

That's a beautiful story, Uncle Bob. Thanks.


dans Inspiration said...

This story is so true, most of us
are so busy and don't hear what our Children are "saying" Not because we don't care, but are just too busy to Listen.
Talk today with your child(S)

Have a Great Day ! A Father