Saturday, November 17, 2007

Daniels Inspiration

It has been awhile since I've made a post. Been really busy with Dans scholarship
Fund. I will bring you up to date on the progress that we are making. Would really like to
request that you strongly consider a contribution, In doing your taxes, many times it makes sense to make a donation to a charity other than give the money to our wasteful Government. At least you know the 100% of your donation goes where you want it to go!

We still haven't heard any information from the Academy, on if they will be offering a Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship or not, doesn't look like it! It's a shame because Daniel really liked the Academy and this years graduating class, Daniel would have been receiving his BFA Degree, But in my mind he had earned it by his tremendous effort he put forward and the beautiful way he lived his life.

On to the progress of Daniels Scholarship Fund. We have received some nice
donations, although were about a third of our goal, but as my wife keeps reminding me . "It has been only a few months" and that's something I must remind myself often

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, Daniels Scholarship Fund was accepted by
the Cache Education Foundation. In meeting with the art teachers, it was recommended that
a Total Art program be initiated. With the tight school budgets, Art education classes are being cut because of the emphasis on strengthening math & sciences. I do believe in expanding our
math & sciences , but not at the expense of our Art education. During that meeting the
The Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education Program was born. the program s mission is to
strengthen Art education, it is a multi faceted program and will attempt to provide a brief overview. It will help with much needed art supplies, sponsor field trips to galleries and museums to encourage art appreciation. Encourage visiting Artists to impart artistic technique
as will as art appreciation. Sponsor art clubs and other meaningful ventures to help the interested student understand various art mediums and information regarding a career in the Arts. the art teacher working in concert with the school counselors help identify those art
students that are " at-risk of not graduating are falling short academically or socially in meeting college/university acceptance criteria, buy offering individual corrective measures through tutors/mentors. Provide scholarships to disadvantaged students whom posses a talent & interest in pursuing an higher Degree in a career in the Arts. This program will be a success because of your help. If you wish to contribute to the Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education Program please visit www. Also Daniels site Thank You for taking the time to read this blog!!

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