Monday, June 25, 2007

King Triton

The story behind this picture drawn by Daniel Lynch is interesting.
While studying at the Academy of Art University, Daniel worked nights and weekends at the Hotel Triton in San Francisco. ( Daniel really liked working at the Triton as it has many suites designed by famous artist and entertainers. For you who want to rub elbows with the stars, the Triton is the place. Daniel worked as a Guest Representative and liked the staff at the hotel very much. It was a fun place to work. Daniel loved art so much and the hotels decore theme being that of the Arts fit his personality.
In the lobby is a sketch book that is for the guests to comment, draw pictures or whatever about their stay. In the guest book Daniel drew the picture featured above, King Triton of the Sea, in the book and entered his quote "Art is my inspiration...Because without Art we would just be stuck with reality."

One problem with writing in a blog, you don't know if any body is reading your writings. Hope someone is enjoying these vinettes about Daniel. If some of you would like to know more about Daniel, please go to Thank you for your interest in hearing about Daniel and his journey. In the next issue I'll offer some more tales about Daniel.

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galowar said...

I know that "wondering if anyone is reading" feeling! There are some interesting sites, like "" that can tell you how it's going. It's what I use, but I know there are plenty of other options. You may know about them already...

Great site, I'll keep visiting! I have its link on my humble little site!


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